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Melea – Business Manager | 30+ Agency

With our new traffic process, I have seen a major increase in cash flow from the systems we now have in place, and it’s only been two weeks! I feel much more connected to the projects and their status within our organization, and much more in control of my day-to-day responsibilities.

Mark – Creative Director | 30+ Agency

Collaboration and transparency have greatly increased and people feel like they can stay on the same page with the entire team.

Rebecca – Creative Director | 100+ Marcom

As a creative, it’s been so liberating to not have to worry about project status: Did this ever go out? When is the client going to send feedback? Was there feedback that I wasn’t looped in about? Now, I can focus all of that energy on just doing the damn work.

Jamie – Design Manager | 50+ Agency

Now I have greater visibility into my team’s plate, greater visibility into my day-to-day responsibilities, accurate time tracking, better budgeting, 20/20 on project schedules.

Teresa – Communications Director | 50+ Marcom

As the Communications Director, it was always difficult to prove our need for headcount. We now have the metrics we were missing that has empowered us to go to leadership and obtain the head count needed to service our internal clients.

Alex – President/Owner | 30+ Agency

Kimberley has reinvented the way we do business. It’s entirely possible that the she knows more about our agency than I do.

Daniel – CEO | 50+ Agency

Kimberley’s approach to consulting was not to extract value, but to truly add value by solving our problems. She was direct with me and my leadership team about what needed to change and helped us find the holes in our operational structure, accounting system and leadership approach.

Edgar – Chief Financial Executive | 200+ Agency

Kimberley’s vast knowledge of our current project management software coupled with her strong communication style, and straightforward, high-quality consulting has proven invaluable to our team.

At KF Strategies, we are the experts in agency operations. We help our clients prioritize their people, because we know when you serve your people well, followed by process then product, agencies perform at their highest level. Our clients are able to produce their best creative work, while achieving maximum profits and streamlined efficiency. We do this through leadership coaching, team development, training and project management software consulting.

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