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Kimberley Fulwood

Founder, CEO and Chief Strategist

Kimberley Fulwood has 25+ years of experience in the marketing communications industry and 14+ years as a consultant to agencies and in-house marketing teams. 

Her main areas of expertise include establishing best practice processes, improving workflow efficiencies, optimizing talent, and leadership coaching.

She has worked with countless agencies and in-house marketing teams that service a variety of industries, including Gaming, Retail, Insurance, Higher Ed, Banking, and many more.

Kimberley has led numerous clients across the United States in the implementation of Project Management Software Systems, including Clients & Profits® and Workamajig®.

And if you ask Kimberley what she’s passionate about outside of her work, she’ll be happy to talk your ear off about her faith, her family, and her love of strength training.

Rachel Digman

Strategic Controller

Rachel brings to KF Strategies the title of the longest-running Workmajig accounting user. In fact, she met Kimberley at one of the first Workmajig conferences in 2008.

As the strategic controller, Rachel supports client finance teams with their Workamajig setup and processes. She excels at helping companies understand and leverage the power of Workamajig and teaching operations and finance teams to work in tandem. With her mantra of “Cash is king!” Rachel helps agencies think and act differently about their revenue and profits.

In her spare time, Rachel enjoys traveling and playing cards with her close friends. And, she is an avid music fan, attending concerts almost every weekend from June through September at a local amphitheater with her husband. Her favorite was Train with Blues Travelers and Jewel, but Willie Nelson and Rod Stewart were a close second.

Beth Hitchens

Sr. Project Manager

Beth Hitchens has over 15 years of account and project management experience and has worked with KF Strategies since 2019. Beth and Kimberley originally met in 2016 when Kimberley was interviewing candidates for one of KF Strategies’ first clients. They immediately hit it off and stayed connected through the years.

As a senior project manager, Beth wears many different hats– from reviewing and providing feedback on client process flows to creating Workamajig templates and training materials. The most rewarding part of her role is helping teams find ways to work together better.

When she isn’t working, Beth enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her family.

Mary Helen Edmonson

Social Media Marketing Specialist

As a soon-to-be graduate of Mississippi State University with a degree in marketing, Mary Helen manages KF Strategies’ presence on social media. Her mission is to share the KF Strategies difference on our social channels and connect with our followers. 

Mary Helen and Kimberley met through Maddie, Kimberley’s daughter, who also attended MSU. Kimberley was instantly attracted to Mary Helen’s go-getter personality and excitement about marketing. Mary Helen says there is always something new to learn in the marketing field, and she enjoys researching new SEO tactics.

In her spare time, she likes watching “The Last of Us” on HBO and spending time with her two cats. Mary Helen is originally from Corinth, Mississippi, home of the annual Slugburger Festival and the Historic Crossroads Museum.

Mary Helen Edmonson, KF Strategies, social media marketing specialist looks and smiles at the camera for a headshot photo

Rebekaah Harkless

Finance and Operations Strategist

Rebekaah has been weaving financial and operational tales for over three decades. From the pristine chill of Canada to the vibrant pulse of the USA, she’s mastered the art of number-crunching and fine-tuning operations for businesses of many sizes.

Never just about the numbers, Rebekaah loves the daily dance of accounting details with an eye always on the bigger picture. She’s adept at everything from end-to-end accounting to delving into financial statement nooks and crannies.

Once the spreadsheet saga ends for the day, Rebekaah swaps Excel cells for life’s real joys: her granddaughter’s infectious giggles, globe-trotting escapades with her numero uno – her spouse, and soaking in those family moments amidst Canada’s breathtaking peaks. Because hey, life’s not just tallying debits and credits, it’s about banking those priceless memories, be it during fiscal closeouts or family cookouts!

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