4 Steps to Fix an In-Cohesive Leadership Team with Sustainable Results 

how to fix an incohesive leadership team with sustainable results

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Are you tired of your leadership team feeling like a group of strangers trapped in a room together? Are you having issues with resolving conflicts in a leadership team or building cohesion among leaders? In this post, we will unlock the strategies for aligning a fragmented leadership team and transforming your divided leadership team into one cohesive functional unit. KF Strategies is here to help you turn that dream of fostering trust and unity into a reality.

As Deann Turner, former Vice President of Talent at Chick-fil-A, once said, “Leadership is not about being in charge. It’s about taking care of those in your charge.” And taking care of your leaders means creating an environment where they can function as a cohesive unit, work together effectively, and support one another in their roles. 

While there are several methods you can attempt to address an in-cohesive leadership team on your own, it will be challenging to sustain the results. Simple and over-used approaches such as defining goals, many team meetings, and trust-building games may have been attempted, but might not have been sustainable. If you find yourself uncertain after exploring the following four steps, we recommend taking advantage of our services through a free consultation. Our combined expertise at KF Strategies and personalized approach can provide the guidance needed to overcome leadership team challenges and achieve sustainable cohesion.

How can you fix an in-cohesive leadership team? Here are a few ways KF Strategies can help:

  1. We have a team of experts who specialize in leadership development. Our team understands the unique challenges facing leadership teams and can provide customized solutions to help your leaders work together more effectively.
  2. We use data-driven insights to inform our approach. By analyzing data about your organization, we can identify areas where your leadership team may be struggling and provide targeted interventions to help them overcome these challenges.
  3. We prioritize communication and collaboration. Our approach is grounded in the idea that effective communication and collaboration are essential to building a strong, healthy leadership team. We work with your leaders to improve their communication skills, foster a sense of trust and respect, and promote a culture of collaboration.
  4. We are dedicated to creating sustainable change. We understand that creating a more cohesive, functional, and healthy leadership team requires ongoing effort and intentional commitment. That’s why we work with your leaders to develop strategies for maintaining the progress they’ve made and continuing to improve over time.

Contact KF Strategies today and let us help you turn your leadership team into a cohesive, functional, and healthy unit. We combine our proven strategy with Deann’s advice: “Leadership is not about being in charge.” It’s about taking care of your leaders so they can take care of your organization.

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