3 Key Steps as a Leader to Set the Tone for Change

a leader sets the tone for change over a phone call

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Change is something we all struggle with, personally and professionally. And we all handle it differently.

Many resist change, which makes it more painful. Some of us are set in our ways, and some are paralyzed by fear of the unknown and what if’s.

It has certainly been a season of change in my life.

In the middle of the COVID pandemic, my mom had a series of health problems that forced her to spend three months in the hospital. Since her release, I have stepped into the role of caregiver.

I realize so many people are caring for aging parents, spending their time at doctor’s appointments and navigating insurance issues. At times, it is a heavy burden to bear.

The thing is, change is the only constant in our lives. Life as we know it today will change whether we want it to or not.

With each change, comes a decision. We can kick and scream, resisting it, or we can embrace it and move forward, trusting the outcome will be for our good.

The same principle applies in business. Change is nearly constant.

You might be adding amazing people to your team or letting those who aren’t as effective go to find new opportunities elsewhere. You may be considering a change in your agency, your processes, software, tools, etc.

Regardless of the situation, you must realize that as a leader, you set the tone for change.


3 Keys to Embracing Change


Bestselling author and leadership expert Michael Hyatt says there are 3 keys to embracing change: accept your reality, lean into the challenge, and get up when you fall.

  1. Accept your reality.
    Being in denial, ignoring the situation, or trying to escape it is harmful to you personally or professionally. Be brave enough to acknowledge the reality of your situation. Before you can make any change, you must first accept where you are now.
  2. Lean into the challenge.
    Accepting your current reality can be difficult, but it empowers you to make a change. Leaning into the challenge you are facing frees you to come up with creative solutions. A leader who leans into a challenge sets the example for his team and lessens their fear.
  3. Get up when you fall.
    There is no denying that change is hard. You will probably make mistakes, but don’t let those mistakes discourage you. Keep moving toward your goal. The most successful leaders have accomplished much because they kept going despite failure, criticism, and slow progress.

You have the power to support and empower change. Your enthusiasm will spread to your team or your resistance will bring negative consequences.

Either way you have a choice to make.

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“Change is nearly constant. Regardless of the situation, you must realize that as the leader you set the tone for change.”

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