Is it Dirty to Hold Someone Accountable?

is it dirty to hold someone accountable

In many organizations, accountability is treated as a dirty word. But it shouldn’t be. The word accountability is perceived negatively because it often involves consequences when expectations or goals are not met. Instead of fearing or avoiding accountability, it should be received and welcomed by organizations as an opportunity for success. It’s imperative to recognize […]

Use Talent Optimization to Actively Pandemic Proof Your Business

Talent Optimization

In February 2021, The Predictive Index released a report called “The State of Talent Optimization,” which surveyed 515 CEOs, presidents, and senior vice presidents from more than 15 industries. This report found that: These results, achieved in a pandemic year, speak for themselves. So what exactly is talent optimization? What is Talent Optimization? Simply put, […]

4 Steps to Add in Your Routine for an Effective Client Onboarding Process

a woman virtually waves during an online meeting

Bestselling author and business consultant Ken Blanchard wrote this in Raving Fans: “Your customers are only satisfied because their expectations are so low, and because no one else is doing better. Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business, you have to create Raving Fans.” If you want […]