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KF Strategies helps creative agencies maximize profits through process refinement. Whether it’s software, training, or personnel development, KF can help you get the best out of your resources.

The Problem:

Ever wonder if a project is on budget? Are you actually estimating enough to do a project? Is the timeline do-able? Why do the AEs have their own individual processes and why are they different on every type of project?

Almost every agency at one time or another experiences growing pains and almost every agency I’ve worked with has asked these very same questions. They then come to a cross roads, do it and do it right or continue with status quo.

Time For A Change

Once you have 10 or more employees, it’s time to take a step back and look at what’s broken. 95% of the time the issues start with leadership, coupled with the lack of benchmark processes as to how work will flow through the agency. Instead, we look for the shiny new penny in technology, but we don’t change our habits or we think technology will solve all of our problems. Wrong.

The Solution: KF Strategies

Kimberley Fulwood, Chief Strategist, Founder, Leader

My name is Kimberley Fulwood, and I’ve serviced hundreds of clients and helped them to see the big picture while I dig in the weeds with them to uncover the issues and provide solutions that allow you and your team to do what they do best by working smarter, not harder.

After 20 years in the marketing communications industry and seven years as a consultant, I opened KF Strategies in June 2016. My main areas of focus include best practice processes, workflow efficiency/agency management consulting, and professional development coaching.

I have worked with dozens of agencies and in-house marketing teams that service a variety of industries: Medical, Banking, Higher Education, High-risk insurance, National nonprofit, B to B, and many other industries.

I have led numerous clients, both in the United States and Canada, in the implementation of a number of ERP Systems, Clients & Profits®, and Workamajig®,

What I love most is helping my clients bring order to chaos and eliminate administrative constraints on the creative person. This creates an environment that invites great creative work.

Because I believe when my clients succeed, I succeed.

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My Philosophy

My philosophy is that your process should drive your software, so I lead major change projects holistically, asking key questions – who, what, why and when. This allows me to design and implement a full lifecycle specialized solution for my clients and provide tools and approaches that increase efficiency, create collaboration and build the bottom line.

My track record speaks for itself:


Cash flow increase within the first 30days


adoption rate to systems & processes within the first 3weeks


increase in project profitability


performance improvements


productivity improvements within 3-6mos of roll-out

So, if your current agency management software isn’t giving you the return on investment you first expected or if you’ve asked yourself any of the aforementioned questions and you’re reaching the end of your rope, let’s talk. I am confident that I can turn it all around for you and make you more efficient and more profitable.

At KF Strategies, we are the experts in agency operations. We help our clients prioritize their people, because we know when you serve your people well, followed by process then product, agencies perform at their highest level. Our clients are able to produce their best creative work, while achieving maximum profits and streamlined efficiency. We do this through leadership coaching, team development, training and project management software consulting.

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