Workamajig and Project Management Consulting Services

People + Process = Results.

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At KF Strategies, we have a unique
approach to helping our clients.

Because we don’t believe in Band-Aid solutions.

We don’t just want your software to run optimally; we want your whole business to run optimally.

Which means we don’t just train our clients on Workamajig and then disappear.

We ensure that all the aspects of your business are running at their best so you can quickly see the ROI of partnering with us.

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graphic design of workamajig tools
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People First, Process Second

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Talent Optimization

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Proven Solutions

So we start with your people.

Because, if you don’t put your people first, everything else will fail.

Even the perfect tool can’t fix problems that are caused by undefined roles and responsibilities and a lack of accountability.

That’s why we use tools from Predictive Index to help you connect your business strategy with a people strategy that will:

  • Improve hiring and onboarding
  • Establish career paths and measure team performance
  • Engage and retain employees
  • Design team culture
  • And more!

Next, we dig deeper and evaluate your processes.

We look at the processes you already have in place — accounting, operations, sales, administration — and identify any gaps, that when addressed, would take your organization from good to great.

Then, we leverage the right project management software, like Workamajig, and customize it to your unique requirements and needs. Software should never be configured as one size fits all.

Nothing about your business is one size fits all. Your story is unique, as are your people and teams. Your processes and procedures are different. So we believe that your solutions should be customized and specifically designed for you. That is the KF Strategies difference.

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Moving your team forward through:

Cups of Coffee

Your people are your product.

It’s their ideas, their words, and their art that you are selling to clients.

If you get the people part right, making them your most valuable asset, the output you deliver will be over and above anything you’ve ever imagined.

If you don’t have a people strategy in place,
you cannot afford to wait any longer.

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