Highlights from Workology 6.0

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Workology 6.0 highlighted the future of Workamajig and encouraged it’s users to influence that future and embrace Platinum.


More users were still using Classic than we expected, most were using it in a mixed version of Platinum and Classic. Now that Workamajig is almost completely in Platinum (HTML5), they are concentrating on moving the program forward. The Classic version (Flash) will only continue to be available as long at the underlying operating system is available. Moving over to Platinum will become a necessity when the browsers stop supporting Flash.

New/Recent Enhancements to Workamajig

  • Dashboards/Graphs – Being in a visual industry isn’t always easy, Workamajig has improved on the at a glance graph capabilities of the program. Each component of the program, by user type, has a new graphing dash board. These can be customized and tailored to your business needs
  • Media in beta in Platinum – Media was the last major component to be released in Platinum. The Insertion Order and Broadcast Orders are available to beta users.
  • Deliverables – Enhanced deliverable review section, markup tools, and the ability handle websites.

Future Enhancements to Workamajig

Workamajig is constantly looking to enhance the program for the benefits of it’s users. They listen to their clients and incorporate their feedback into the program. They want your feedback in the following areas so that they makes changes that you will utilize

Scheduling – Cross Project Predecessors

In the ever changing world of advertising campaigns are becoming the norm. This allows schedules to tie into other projects.

Media – Digital Orders
  • Digital isn’t new, but the software companies are still catching up. Proprietary systems like Double-click and Facebook make it almost impossible to do media the way it was done before.
  • They would like feedback on Digital Media Buying and what’d you’d like to see Workamajig do
  • Most users have been using Insertion Orders for Digital and it’s just not the same.

Media – Possible integration to more systems

Workamajig already integrates with Strata. However, they are looking for other systems to integrate with.

CRM – Sales Force
  • Workamajig realizes that everyone uses Sales Force.
  • They’d like to know what they could so to help you use the CRM within Workamajig instead.
  • The advantages to using the sales within Workamajig is that you can then take advantage of sales forecasting.

Retainer Schedule Forecasting
  • This is a new feature for Workamajig and is a ways away from release. Basically it’s resource forecasting for retainers.
  • Many retainers are for a number of staff per month. They allows you to forecast this staff and make better projections on staff resourcing needs.
  • Once you create the project schedule it comes off the forecast.

Improved Mobile Access – Because who doesn’t want to work everywhere and anytime?
  • They want to give be able to give users the best mobile experience possible, this includes phones, tablets and iPads. Please note, the phone experience is different than that on a tablet or iPad since it has a limited window screen.
  • In order to do this they need to know where it doesn’t work. Especially since there are so many different browsers and hardware available.
  • Obscure areas of the program are unlikely to be addressed since they are rarely used.

  • Plaid integration will allow compatibility to more credit card companies for automatic downloads.
  • Fingers crossed this update will be available early 2019.

There’s even more coming but we don’t want to give it all away!!

Guest Speaker – Michael Gast

Sales has always been about personal relationships. Today brings many changes to the relationship because technology has had an affect on sales. Companies are now given the opportunity to achieve relationships with potential clients they would have never known. The key is that it’s focused around an owner or partner, and not an employee that can leave and take the relationship with them. The relationship is linked to the individual not the company. You market the person that can have the relationship versus marketing the agency. Creating a following on social media sites and blending the amount of personal information that makes you likeable with your niche. You’re niche is the thing that you blow or discuss that makes people want to follow you. When posting personal information to create that relationship it must be very neutral and not be anything that would make people unfollow you.

Liane Sampson – CSI Global VCard

Streamlining the AP process is key to creating a more efficient Accounting Department. CSI allows you to batch transmit Accounts Payable check runs for check, credit card or ACH Payments. CSI even gives back a percentage of credit cards as a credit to the agency so Accounting can start generating revenue. They also have Virtual and real credit cards that can be limited, reconciled and given to your staff. Please let us know if you’d like to streamline your AP. We have other clients using CSI successfully.

The Workamjig Way

Every session on how a feature works included a brief talk about the “Workamajig Way”. The Workamajig Way is how they designed the feature to work, but there are typically other ways to use the feature. Business decisions sometimes require using the software in other ways. Luckily for all of us Workamajig gives the flexibility to do the same things multiple ways.

It always goes back to your processes.

If you don’t have the proper structure, roles and responsibilities clearly outlined, no tool will change any of that. Your people define your process and your process produces results.

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